UnknownEvent Location: Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver
Event Date: November 19, 2015
Event Time: 8pm

The Top 3 artists have been announced and now its time to reveal their ranking and give away over $227,000 in prizing!

Featuring (in order of appearance)

:: Van Damsel ::

:: Bed of Stars ::

:: JP Maurice ::

The Top 12 artists were each awarded $5000 in development funding before they joined forces with the PEAK Performance Project Alberta to attend an intense seven-day bootcamp at RockRidge Canyon in Princeton BC. From there, each artist performed at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver and carried out a number of career enhancing challenges and online voting that accumulated points for the adjudication committee. The Top 3 artists will share over $277,000 in prizing! While the top 3 have already been ranked, we won’t reveal that ranking until the Finale Concert at the legendary Commodore Ballroom on Thursday, November 19th.

1st Place will take home 102.7 thousand dollars, 2nd place $75,000 and 3rd Place $50,000.

Tickets are $15 in advance (+srv charges) and are available HERE

SKIP THE FEES! Music BC Members can get members-only rates  for $15 available at our office || 100-938 Howe St. Vancouver BC || 10am-6pm || Max 4 tickets per person

PPP top 3 pic

BC PPP Top 3 Announced!

Hello Goodbye CoverCongratulations to the 2015 Top 3 artists in alphabetical order:

Bed of Stars

JP Maurice

Van Damsel

Today at 3:15pm PST, the Top 3 Artists from British Columbia’s PEAK Performance Project were announced live on air at 102.7 The PEAK in no particular order. The rankings of the top 3 will be announced at the Finale Concert on November 19th at the Commodore Ballroom, where the top 3 will perform and over $227,000 in prizing will be awarded. Tickets for the PEAK Performance Project Finale are now on sale at for $15.00 (plus service charges). Continue reading

BC PPP Showcase #4 Recap feat. Windmills, Van Damsel & JP Maurice

7 years, 33 showcases, 124 artist performances… and that’s only including the showcases you’ve seen! It’s staggering to think of what we’ve done, more so that this was the last showcase maybe forever. There’s only the finale left at this point but let’s not think on that. Let’s always stay in this moment with Windmills, Van Damsel and JP Maurice as we say goodnight, and good luck.

BC PPP Showcase #2 Recap feat. Find the Others, Jesse Roper & Smash Boom Pow

We’re back with the 26th showcase, or 2 of 4 for final 7th year out of… you know what, we suck at maths. The point is our artists get nostalgic about Boot Camp (is there any other way to be?), choose who would win in their place if they didn’t make it, and their specific ninja moves to take the winning artist out when we speak to Find the Others, Jesse Roper and Smash Boom Pow.

Mindil Beach Charity Fundraiser

On Saturday night we hosted a fundraiser for the Daniel Kingsbury Music for Youth Endowment. If you read our last blog post, you know that the endowment provides annual need-based scholarships for Sunshine Coast youth to take music lessons and purchase music equipment. We played with local hip-hop group, Wilderness Crew. When WC has performed in the past, we’ve been their band, playing live versions of their beats. We did the same thing this time around, but because we wanted this to be a unique experience for the community, we mashed up the sets a bit. We played a few tunes, then played a few Wilderness tunes, then a few covers together, a couple of Daniel’s songs and so on…We even played an MB/WC cowrite original!

The event was sold out, and the combo of tickets, alcohol, and silent auction brought in $5450 in profit. Congrats, Sunshine Coast! If you’d like to boost that total even higher, you can donate via our website. You can also click here for more photos from the evening.

Photo by Marty Clemens

Photo by Marty Clemens

Showcase Prep and FUN-draiser!


EXCITING TIMES! I have a remix contest on the go (see the image if you want to re-mix “The Wolf”) and am working on “Chersea and Friends Talent Show Fundraiser” for Project Limelight, a free performing arts group for children in the DTES, of which I’m currently (and have been for the past 2 years) the musical director and vocal coach. I love Limelight so much, and am thrilled to launch “The Chersea Limelight Scholarship”, which allows graduating Limelighters the opportunity to pursue the arts AFTER Limelight.  See the images attached to this blog if you would like to participate in either, or make a donation. Every penny counts, and I can’t thank you enough for your involvement, because you’re helping to pave the way for future artists!….

“The Wolf” Remix Competition


This could easily be the most excited I’ve been in a long time. I’ve always loved music so much, and this is the pinnacle of everything I’ve done so far. All of my friends who have showcased so far have done absolutely amazing. Every show has been incredibly entertaining, and I’m just so proud of everyone because we’re all in this together, and these friendships I’ve made are going to last me a lifetime… and I can’t believe we’re reaching the finish line. It’s gone far too fast, and I’m tearing up while writing this.

My emotions are usually all over the map. A lot of people know that I’m bi-polar, and I have no issues with expressing this. It’s like a roller coaster, for your brain. I’m also rapid cycling, so it’s literally this emotional kinetic energy that kicks in at the most inopportune times. But it’s different this week. My confidence is strong, I feel healthy and have taken care of myself for this date. I have the support from my peers, from my role models, and from my friends and family. I’ve been feeling a little “high-strung”, but I’m also feeling “high-strong”…

Working through this disorder has always been a struggle. I was in and out of hospital for a period, trying to reconstruct my life and my behavioural patterns that were consequently indicative of adjusting to the new lifestyle: of being diagnosed. I was on a cocktail of medication, a variety of uppers and downers and mood stabilizers, and was even on Lithium (the scariest drug known to man-kind…. that’s a lie, but for me it changed my life). During this phase, I didn’t write any music. I was a girl and a guitar at this rate, and the inspiration was gone. The creativity was gone. The passion and the motivation were gone. It was literally the scariest time of my life. Something that I had been so committed to and so absolutely in love with my entire life had just vanished. Poof. Now I’m known to exaggerate, but I’m being serious. After a year and a bit, I eventually spoke to my doctor, and told him I was going off medications. That I wasn’t happy. That I wasn’t even considering living to be a gift anymore. That I was tired, and I was ready to sleep. Alarmed, he agreed and with consistent monitoring I slowly tapered off which would be my last few pills.

3 weeks later I began to write. I wrote a song called “Grey Matter”, expressing all of the details of the dreamscape in my head, while I was medicated. I followed this by “I Could Lose It All”, written for a close friend while trying to express that I could lose it all, I just would never want to “lose my head” ever again. I wrote another 8 songs (all of which were written in 2 weeks), and about three months later I met Cody Taylor (Fiend Recordings). We picked 6 songs, and in the span of 5 months, I had written an album, met one of my best friends (Cody), and recorded them (which eventually continued into the fall). Although all of this happened because I went off drugs, it truly happened because of music. The disconnect I felt between music and I, made me lose the lust for life.

Music has saved me, as it has saved many others. The reason why I’m going into personal detail, is because people have to know the power of music. It is the ONLY international language. It is the ONLY means to communicate certain emotions. It is the SOLE reason why I’m here, and I was made to create and to share this gift. It was created to express THE HUMAN CONDITION. The highs and the lows, the ebb and the flow, and as we come and as we go: we’re lucky that we can be saved, we’re lucky we can make such a glorious sound, and we are truly #blessed that at times of duress, and political, economical, and environmental hardship, that artists are given a voice – and that music provides the medium for self expression and unity.


Music will always bring us together.


And this Thursday, when I’m up on stage performing for you, all I want you to think about is how damn lucky you are that your ears work. That your eyes work. That we can share the moment. That something so beautiful as a sound wave is entering our ears, all at the same time. And together, we can celebrate the message, if only for 40 minutes.

I can’t wait to show you the future of CHERSEA. I can’t wait to show you my resilience, and the strength that has brought me here via my experiences. Everything happens for a reason, and sorry for preaching, but regardless of circumstance, regardless of what happens…

I’ve already won.


Showcase Recap and Upcoming Fundraiser

rodRod here. Last week we played our showcase at Fortune. It was a roaring good time! Such a treat playing with Bed of Stars and Joy District. Evan’s light show was off the hook and, needless to say, his vocal sounded impeccable. Our JD boys were looking comfortable rocking the crowd. There were some Comox Valley people there that were lit up! Hopefully that’s not the last time we share a stage with those wonderful folks. Continue reading