Boot Camp Is Not Underrated

Boot camp awesomeness continues to roll along. Today we received performance coaching from two incredibly knowledgeable gentlemen, Earl Pereira (The Steadies) and Kahlil Ashanti. We also participated in a songwriting workshop hosted by Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother. We’ve always considered him an extraordinary songwriter so this was a real treat. Check out our Instagram feed for a video of Ryan and Pat working on one of our new songs!

This is a picture of Cam and Chersea bonding………….

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I dont wanna go home



I knew Id have a good time here, and I knew Id learn a lot and meet a pile of folks I liked, but I didn’t know to what extent. I expected from the pictures that I saw of this place that it would be very pretty but I didn’t know that It would be amazing. I knew coming here that Id feel great but I didn’t know that Id be the happiest I’d been all summer. I don’t want to leave. Continue reading

JPPP blog #2 – Post Show Guilt




Last night was our showcase at the Peak Performance bootcamp. It was an emotional night preceded by a long and tiring day hobbling around on my injured ankle (Walking up the hill to wolf creek lodge is the worst). It has been determined by the fine professional, medical and otherwise, staff here at PEAK Performance Project bootcamp that I may have broken something or possibly torn a ligament. The thought is that I should probably go into Princeton tomorrow to get an x-ray to see whats up. Hopefully it’ll get me out of having to sit thru Scott Johnson’s branding workshop (Just kidding, love you Scott!) Continue reading

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music

There’s a unique frequency vibrating off the canyons and the ridges here, something unspoken that I think all of us savagely fortunate artists are picking up. Our years of labour and love, road miles, nights spent on kitchen floors and somehow lower than zero star motels on the road, good shows, horrendous shows, learning how to navigate this remarkable industry, have all led us here.

I won’t call us lucky to be in the PEAK Performance Project, because we’re not.
We’ve all earned this, and four days in
I think
we’re all
realizing this.


12 bands have played so far (including myself), and there have been some amazing performances. The level of talent and skill, the PASSION, it’s an inspiration. JP Maurice has somehow managed to learn how to play like a superstar without the use of one ankle. It’s unfair, and I’m jealous, and he’s handsome to boot, so really, what gives JP? Every night, I’m surprised and blown away, envious of the skills I see on the stage, and jealous that I didn’t think of it first. I say all this in the best way possible because I feel that all of us here will leave more inspired than ever before.

Maybe there’s magic in the hills surrounding us, but that’s probably too cliche, and more likely, not the case. The magic is what is happening in these rooms of artists, producers, industry professionals, and at the end of the day, our new friends and family. The PEAK Performance Project was always the end-goal for all of us bands here, but it’s not the end of our journey in any way, shape or form. It’s the start of something truly inspiring.


windmills keep moving.
(and after this week, I think all of these bands will “keep moving”).

Hip Hop and Hives

Boot camp. So far, so good. The last couple nights have been ridiculously fun.  We’ve been working on a soulful hip hop collaboration with Transit and Josh Gwilliam and we’re extremely happy with how it’s turning out. Both parties have been such a pleasure to work with. Last night we brought in some faculty to sing background and closed out the session with an epic gang vocal sesh. We can tell you one thing for sure – Bob D’Eith has still got it.

We play our showcase tonight! We’re somewhat nervous..especially after the outstanding performance JP Maurice gave last night.

One more thing – Rod is suffering from a mysterious breakout of hives. So if you were expecting a bunch of shirtless photos of him, you’ll just have to wait until it clears up. Thanks for your patience. MB.