We were stoked when we heard about the collaborative writing challenge. This was a new exercise for us and the thought of it was slightly intimidating. When we met Braden Gates, a hilarious folk singer with an amazing voice and an “i don’t give @#$%”  type of personality, everything fell into place.  The lone wolf joined our pack and we made a friend for life. Braden re-harmonized the chorus and added his amazing voice so we had something substantial going into recording. Our producer, Jeff Dawson, took the ideas and turned it into a really great song. It was a lot of fun working in the ambiance of studio 54 that Jeff created out of a dorm room. Thanks to Jeff and Braden we had awesome time and built our collaboration skills.

Disconnected Thoughts from the Bed of Stars Drummer

     The air up here is clean and crisp. The absence of silica dust and fibreglass particulates is having a generally positive effect on my lungs. There is an artificial lake occupying a majority of the property. The waves are inviting me to jump on in but I’ll pass this time around. I’ll stick to the pool…maybe. The food is incredible and abundant. A bag of multi coloured towels sat in front of our room’s door for a day and a half. It has since been moved to inside the the room behind that same door. A bag of multicoloured towels makes a perfect seat for blog writing FYI. 

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Saltines For Days

They are force feeding us saltine crackers, help! …actually, though. We’re sorry to say we could only consume nearly 4 each within one minute… truly pathettic



How Many Crackers Can YOU Eat In A Minute?

Let’s take a minute to talk about the food.
And I have to address this first, we are all touring musicians, we are all used to eating garbage on the road (when Van Damsel and I toured across Canada I ate Cinnamon Raisin bagels dipped in a jar of No Name Brand Peanut Butter almost every day… and picked up the nickname Peanut Butter Bagel Dad because of it), we are also all used to missing meals, or having weird eating schedules, late night cravings, eating one too many bags of chips… Continue reading

Spirit Guides

Since we’ve been here at Boot Camp there is only one way to sum up the experience as a whole. It seems like a dream or state of higher consciousness akin to the psychedelic realms reached while using strong plant medicine. The insights gained from experiencing these states can be life changing but in the moment it’s sometimes hard to remember the guidance being given because of the psychedelic nature of the medicine. The faculty here at Boot Camp seem like a group of spirit guides sent down from the highest realms to help us on our journey. The amazing thing about the Boot Camp experience is that we won’t have any amnesia. We have the real time option to scratch down as many notes as we can from the spirit guides before we wake up.


Reaching Higher Realms

Reaching Higher Realms

Keep the Coffee Fresh


After 5 nights at boot camp Im starting to notice a few trends around here, the main one being the coffee consumption has skyrocketed and all eyes are looking red and saggy. Last night we finally got a big campfire burning and sang songs till the wee hours of the night. It was great!! Everybody who wasn’t recording was down by the beach making noise of some kind. Amazingly that was my first campfire jam all summer. Ive never heard 20 part harmonies sound so good. I also think I noticed some nude butts jumping off the dock into the water. I hope nobody saw mine. Continue reading

Day 6!

Today is day six of the PEAK Performance Project bootcamp.

We are tired. We are learning. We are with like minded people. Life is good!