Mindil Beach Charity Fundraiser

On Saturday night we hosted a fundraiser for the Daniel Kingsbury Music for Youth Endowment. If you read our last blog post, you know that the endowment provides annual need-based scholarships for Sunshine Coast youth to take music lessons and purchase music equipment. We played with local hip-hop group, Wilderness Crew. When WC has performed in the past, we’ve been their band, playing live versions of their beats. We did the same thing this time around, but because we wanted this to be a unique experience for the community, we mashed up the sets a bit. We played a few tunes, then played a few Wilderness tunes, then a few covers together, a couple of Daniel’s songs and so on…We even played an MB/WC cowrite original!

The event was sold out, and the combo of tickets, alcohol, and silent auction brought in $5450 in profit. Congrats, Sunshine Coast! If you’d like to boost that total even higher, you can donate via our website. You can also click here for more photos from the evening.

Photo by Marty Clemens

Photo by Marty Clemens

Showcase Recap and Upcoming Fundraiser

rodRod here. Last week we played our showcase at Fortune. It was a roaring good time! Such a treat playing with Bed of Stars and Joy District. Evan’s light show was off the hook and, needless to say, his vocal sounded impeccable. Our JD boys were looking comfortable rocking the crowd. There were some Comox Valley people there that were lit up! Hopefully that’s not the last time we share a stage with those wonderful folks. Continue reading

Day 17 of the Post-Boot Camp Blues

FullSizeRender (3)Since Daniel’s passing I had been feeling less and less inspired to pursue music. Rehearsals and touring felt like a chore, jamming/writing new songs was a bit like pulling teeth, and blog-writing led to hours of staring at a blank word document…Boot camp may have been the remedy for this.

It could be the level of talented musicians we were surrounded by, or the three square meals a day, but the energy I once had for this incredibly competitive industry seems to be firing up again. The songs are coming in and the laziness I’ve felt towards performing is subsiding.

Though the Peak Performance Project is a competition, the camaraderie shown between bands certainly never made it feel like a contest. I’ll be left feeling happy for whoever wins. If you haven’t checked out the 23 other bands from BC and Alberta, try to make some time to do so. I’m sure you’ll find something that you can’t get enough of.

Now for the cheesy conclusion. I’ve always liked the comparison of life being a roller coaster, and believe the ups and downs for musicians are some of the tallest and steepest. It’s all about staying on the ride without puking. My stomach is feeling much less queasy. Thank you, Peak <3

Cam (Mindil Beach) xoxo

P.S. If you’re in Vancouver this Thursday (Sept 24), come to our showcase at Fortune Sound Club with Bed of Stars and Joy District! You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

Everything Is Awesome

Everything is awesome.

6 days. 24 showcases. Countless amazing moments. Some were underrated, but for me, unforgettable.

10860919_1038405766203773_3112384423514234468_oDay 1. Jesse Roper’s psychedelic intro set the tone for a brain-melting week of music.

Day 2. Miesha and the Spanks‘ mean hooks and fuzzy guitars made me miss my long hair.

Day 3. The Velveteins smooth bass lines and surf guitar were a perfect departure and were further elevated by Spencer’s badass scream.

Day 4. Layten Kramer’s guitar tone. An emotional distorted swell would crescendo into a sea of goose bumps.

Day 5. Mike Edel’s “The Closer” had no chorus, no pre chorus, and no bridge, and was somehow one of my favourite songs of the week.

Day 6. Silky smooth “Sophia” got me stoked for my new Van Damsel fandom.

Everything is awesome.



Boot Camp Is Not Underrated

Boot camp awesomeness continues to roll along. Today we received performance coaching from two incredibly knowledgeable gentlemen, Earl Pereira (The Steadies) and Kahlil Ashanti. We also participated in a songwriting workshop hosted by Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother. We’ve always considered him an extraordinary songwriter so this was a real treat. Check out our Instagram feed for a video of Ryan and Pat working on one of our new songs!

This is a picture of Cam and Chersea bonding………….

FullSizeRender (1)

Hip Hop and Hives

Boot camp. So far, so good. The last couple nights have been ridiculously fun.  We’ve been working on a soulful hip hop collaboration with Transit and Josh Gwilliam and we’re extremely happy with how it’s turning out. Both parties have been such a pleasure to work with. Last night we brought in some faculty to sing background and closed out the session with an epic gang vocal sesh. We can tell you one thing for sure – Bob D’Eith has still got it.

We play our showcase tonight! We’re somewhat nervous..especially after the outstanding performance JP Maurice gave last night.

One more thing – Rod is suffering from a mysterious breakout of hives. So if you were expecting a bunch of shirtless photos of him, you’ll just have to wait until it clears up. Thanks for your patience. MB.