While both the BC and Alberta projects are run as separate programs in each province, there is an incredible opportunity to create bridges between BC and Alberta though the shared educational experience at the RockRidge Canyon Boot camp in Princeton, BC.

To top that off, Nimbus School of Recording and Media will be on site recording songs that have been co-written between the BC and Alberta Artists!

Starting August 27th, follow the BC Artists experience though their eyes, published daily on

“The relationships that have been built because of the PEAK Performance Project have created a unique sense of community amongst BC artists; and now BC and Alberta artists. The educational component has given over 100 bands the tools they need to be successful in a business sense, as well as to help them develop artistically. After 6 years of impressive talent, we can’t wait to see what year 7 has in store.“

– Bob D’Eith, Executive Director of Music BC.

“Great radio is built on great music. With The PEAK Performance Project let’s do all we can to make sure our Alberta musicians are given every resource and every opportunity to create that music. The artists in the ever-growing PEAK Performance community are building the soundtrack for our province. 95.3 The PEAK is so proud of the twelve artists of The PEAK Performance Alberta’s inaugural year and are excited to hear what 2015 will bring.”

– Kath Thompson, Program Director, 95.3 The PEAK ”